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An astonishingly beautiful and gripping Western starring Viggo Mortensen, JAUJA (pronounced how-ha) begins in a remote outpost in Patagonia during the late 1800s.

Captain Gunnar Dinesen has come from abroad with his fifteen year-old daughter to take an engineering job with the Argentine army. Being the only female in the area, Ingeborg creates quite a stir among the men. She falls in love with a young soldier, and one night they run away together. When Dinesen realizes what has happened, he decides to venture into enemy territory, against his men’s wishes, to find the young couple.

Featuring a superb performance from Mortensen, JAUJA (the name suggests a fabled city of riches sought by European explorers) is the story of a man’s desperate search for his daughter, a solitary quest that takes him to a place beyond time, where the past vanishes and the future has no meaning.


March 2015
New York, NY: IFC Center - March 20
New York, NY: Lincoln Center - March 20
Los Angeles, CA: Nuart - March 27**
** Viggo Mortensen Q&As Fri & Sat evening!!

April 2015
Santa Barbara, CA: Plaza de Oro - April 8
Oklahoma, OK: Museum of Art - April 9
Santa Fe, NM: The Screen - April 10
Seattle, WA: NW Film Forum - April 17
Bloomington, IN: Indiana Univ - April 18

May 2015
Olympia, WA: Capitol Theater - May 1
Denver, CO: Sie Film Center - May 1
Houston, TX: Museum of Fine Arts - May 3
Columbus, OH: Wexner Center - May 14
Roxie Theater, San Francisco, CA - May 22
Cleveland, OH: Cinematheque - May 24
Hamilton, NY: Hamilton Theater- May 27

June 2015
Miami Beach, FL: Cinematheque - June 5
Daytona, FL: Cinematheque - June 7
Boston, MA: Brattle Theatre - June 12
Chicago, IL: Siskel Film Ctr - June 13
Chico, CA: Pageant Theater - June 19
Hartford, CT: Cinestudio - June 19

July 2015
Washington, DC: Avalaon Theatre - July 1
Detroit, MI: Detroit Film Theatre - July 10
Boulder, CO: Boedecker Theater - July 22
Boston, MA: Brattle - July 22

September 2015
Minneapolis, MN: Trylon Microcinema - Sep 7
Rochester, NY: Eastman House - Sep 9

December 2015
Philadelphia, PA: International House - Dec 17


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