"Immensely enjoyable. Suffolk (England) becomes a sort of palimpsest for Sebald's eloquent, precise, lugubrious, often drily witty meditations about war, death, destruction and decay, about memories and continuities and the feeling that nothing entirely disappears. Grant Gee's film should make anyone want to read The Rings of Saturn and the rest of Sebald's relatively small but exquisite oeuvre"
- Philip French, The Observer (London)

"Grant Gee's likably loquacious, digressive documentary… is teasing, elegant and perhaps inevitably unresolved."
- Xan Brooks, The Guardian (London)

"Both an essay in interpretation and an attempt to replicate the writer's distinctive, elusive sensibility in a visual medium. (It) tries to be both descriptive and immersive, explaining its subject even as it reproduces aspects of his style."
- A.O. Scott, The New York Times

"Exhilaratingly original. While prior familiarity with the text is not essential (the film is an excellent beginner's guide), those intrigued by its profusion of ideas will doubtless be rereading or purchasing their own copy soon after the end credits have faded."
- Michael Brooke, Sight & Sound

"Grant Gee's documentary is very winning. There are spoken thoughts from an all-star cast of thinkers a artists, pondering the death of innocence, the purposes of art, the sculpting erosions of time… It can take a stranger from a strange land to point out frist, to his adoptive countrymen, the strangeness and wonder of their own land."
- Nigel Andrews, Financial Times (London)

"(A) quietly powerful film."
- Mark Fisher, Sight & Sound


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