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Tells the story of Eddie Torres, who recruits the best of New York's salseros-Hispanic club and street dancers-and, with the musical collaboration of Tito Puente, molds them into a professional dance troupe.

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This cross-cultural survey shows how abortion transcends race, religion and social class, and how differences in the practice and perception of abortion are mainly in the degree of secrecy and danger accompanying it.

What does it mean to be young and Muslim in today's America? An invaluable and especially timely documentary, Abraham's Children takes us into the lives of 10 Muslim American adolescents, ranging in age from 10 to 17 years old, to share their experiences and hear their stories in their own words.

Examines the phenomenon of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) by recounting the life of Rachel Downing who, for the last eight years, has been under the care of Dr. Richard Loewenstein, former president of the International Society for the Study of Multiple Personality Dissociation.

Afghan Muscles takes us inside the most popular sport in Afghanistan: body building. Suppressed by the Taliban, this thriving spectator sport now attracts thousands of young men across a country ravaged by war and poverty who dream of attaining a better life through muscles.

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Filmed on location in Angola, South Africa and Cuba, this documentary examines the politics of the war from both sides and features remarkable combat footage, archival material and interviews with Cuban and South African soldiers as well as grieving families of those who died in the war.

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Examines the plight of babies born with AIDS, focusing on the inspiring examples of dedicated caregivers such as Mother Hale, founder of Hale House in New York City, and Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-ross, filmed at her House of Peace in West Virginia.

Filmed in the U.S., Europe and Israel, this controversial documentary charts the evolution of our idea of the Holocaust, from 1945 to the present, critically examines the international campaign for restitution, and ponders the relationship between the Holocaust and the contemporary politics of the Middle East.

In April of 1999, Chilean journalist Alejandra Matus wrote The Black Book of Chilean Justice, an exposé of the Chilean judicial system...

Dr. Robert Butler, a psychiatrist and specialist in gerontology, discusses the ways in which American society compartmentalizes people into age groups and discriminates aginst its senior citizens, who often face neglect, a lack of emotional and intellectual stimulation and economic hardship.

Examines the impact of AIDS within Hispanic-American communities, focusing on the specific economic, social and cultural factors which influence perception of the AIDS crisis, including macho attitudes about sexuality, traditional relations between men and women, prejudices against homosexuality, and the prevalence of drug abuse.

Examines the rise and fall of socialism in Albania, tracing thenation's history from its 1944 establishment as a communist republic by Enver Hoxha to its recent emergence from decades of authoritarian rule following Hoxha's death in 1985.

Examines teenage drinking and teenagers whose parents are alcoholics, including the consequences of alcoholism such as physical illness, emotional maladjustment, family breakup, domestic violence, fatal car accidents, and violent crime.

Shows how the Black Church has embraced African-American lesbians and gay men as dedicated members of its spiritual family.

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The Vietnam War left not only bomb craters, forests destroyed by napalm, and vast numbers of casualties. The war also left about 100,000 fatherless children—Amerasians, who, because of their appearance, became outcasts from society.

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The story of a single mother forced to leave her ailing daughter in Bolivia in order to provide her with a better life is woven into the current debate over amnesty for undocumented immigrants. Winner of multiple awards at Latino film festivals, La Americana puts a human face on this timely and controversial issue.

This video tells the story of a controversial mural painted on a Los Angeles building in 1932 by Mexican artist David Alfaro Siqueiros.

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This documentary examines two migrant experiences, one from the Caribbean and one from Latin America, which comprise an important part of the Hispanic experience in New York.

A colorful and provocative survey of anarchism in America which attempts to dispel popular misconceptions and to trace its historical development, both as a native American philosophy stemming from 19th century American traditions of individualism and as a foreign ideology brought to America by immigrants.

In a sleepy Hungarian village, after the First World War, a series of arsenic murders took place. Over 140 bodies were discovered. The victims, all men, were apparently killed by their wives.

The Angry Skies is a compelling documentary which follows Blake Kerr-a New York based doctor, author, and human rights activist –as he travels to Cambodia to uncover the truths behind the rise of the Khmer Rouge in the 1970s and its legacy that remains today.

This documentary reveals the repression of children by the apartheid regime in South Africa, where teenagers and children as young as seven years old are arrested on charges such as "intimidation" or "stone-throwing," jailed, tortured, and sometimes killed.

Portrays life in Aqabat Jaber in the West Bank, one of sixty Palestinian refugee camps built "temporarily" by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNWRA) in the early 1950s.

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An incisive examination of the historical roots of the Cold War and its effects on American life. The film features a wealth of images and historical footage from both European and American archives as well as a series of revealing interviews with some of the key players.

Chronicles the struggle for survival of this former Soviet Republic since its independence following the break-up of the Soviet Union.

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Surveys the contemporary Chicano art movement by tracing its development during the height of Chicano political activism in the late Sixties and Seventies, blending archival footage with interviews with the artists and samples of their work, including photographs, murals, graphics, films, paintings, and ephemeral art.

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Collection: Kartemquin Films
With efforts to recall newly elected Governor Scott Walker making national news, As Goes Janesville provides an in-depth account of the struggles and hopes of union workers, business leaders and elected officials in Janesville, WI to rebuild their town's economy following the closure of the local General Motors plant.

A comic portrayal of contemporary attitudes toward marriage--including trust, true love, self-preservation, and male paranoia.

A passionate and balanced documentary about the "Courage to Refuse" movement that looks at the political, ethical and moral choices facing Israeli soldiers.

Reveals the nature and the extent of the U.S. government and corporate complicity in the 'destabilization' campaign and the 1973 coup that overthrew Allende's Popular Unity government in Chile.

What does it mean to be exiled in your own country? In the aftermath of Katrina, two filmmakers embark on a road trip to meet displaced evacuees. An important American documentary, The Axe in the Attic tackles questions of race, class, and the breakdown of trust between a government and its citizens.

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In a Los Angeles film studio, the cameras roll on an X-rated film, and in the director's chair sits a woman. In New York and San Francisco, companies created by women market hard-core videos to the female consumer.

Examines the plight of Filipino peasants who have been forced to flee their homes as a result of the Aquino government's military offensive against rebels of the New People's Army, with the evacuees facing an uncertain future in crowded, makeshift camps.

Chronicles the remarkable life of Pedro J. Gonzalez, from his early years as a telegraph operator for Pancho Villa to his pioneering career as a radio and recording star in Los Angeles, his 1934 arrest on trumped-up charges and subsequent imprisonment, his deportation to Mexico and eventual return to the U.S. some thirty years later.

TThis documentary portrays the lives of motorcycle taxi drivers who live and work out of a courtyard in a working-class neighborhood of Bangkok.

A profile of the first black woman ever to be elected city councillor and member of the Brazilian Parliament from the favelas (slums) of Rio de Janeiro.

On a Fulbright Fellowship, local filmmakers K.M. Winikur and Eran Preis traveled to Israel to shoot a one-hour documentary about a small socialist farming community, known as Moshav Bet Herut.

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Beyond Babyland seeks to understand the causes behind the troubling rate of infant mortality in African-American communities while introducing us to the people and organizations working tirelessly to turn around this tide.

Examines the American subculture of bingo, a game played by some 35,000,000 Americans each week and which has become a big business generating an annual gross of $35 billion for the charities and religious organizations which operate the games.

Examines the history of Haiti, from the 1804 revolution to the occupation (1915-34) by U.S. Marines, and the repressive Duvalier regimes of 'Papa Doc' and 'Baby Doc.'

This inspirational video, produced by Body Sculpt of New York, an anti-drug/dropout prevention program, is designed to educate young people about the dangers of drug abuse while showing them a positive alternative--body-building to improve their mental and physical self-esteem.

This video on the subculture of graffiti features interviews with numerous graffiti 'artists,' follows them on "bombing" expeditions, attends a national graffiti art conference, and records encounters between graffiti writers and adults angry about defacement of private and public property.

This docudrama examines the Filipino experience at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair, focusing on the filmmaker's grandfather, an Igorot warrior, one of the 1,100 tribal natives displayed as anthropological "specimens" in the notorious Philippine Village exhibit.

Set against a background of farming, saw-milling and moonshining activities in rural Kentucky during the Depression, this short film dramatizes the use of violence as a socially accepted form of "folk justice."

This film explores the global issue of gentrification by observing how trendy restaurants and bars have spearheaded the transformation of America’s most notorious skid row, the Bowery, in New York City.

This video offers an in-depth historical examination of Connecticut's Naugatuck Valley brass industry, from its heyday to its present decline.

This video shows why young, idealistic students, well-to-do lawyers, priests, and poor working people often become identified as enemies of the state and, subsequently, torture victims.

Examines the culture of failure that is endemic among children of poverty and children of color in our society, its causes, its consequences, and the prognosis for overcoming it.

Revealing an aspect of Iranian society rarely exposed to the West, filmmaker Ata Hayati brings his cameras to Behesht Zahra, Tehran's biggest cemetery, to witness Iran's distinctive culture of death.

Narrated by Martin Sheen, Brothers on the Line explores the extraordinary journey and legacy of the Reuther brothers - prolific labor leaders and organizers whose crusade for social justice, at the helm of the United Auto Workers Union, forever transformed the auto industry and labor in this country.

This historical documentary chronicles New York real estate developer William Levitt's postwar construction of affordable housing for returning WWII veterans and their families in Levittown and other Long Island communities, thereby establishing the prototype for modern suburbia.

Since 9/11, American preoccupation with personal security has reached proportions not seen since the Cold War. In this film, we meet regular Americans preparing for the next terrorist attack.

Examines the plight of a Kentucky tobacco farmer and his family in the face of uncertain government price support programs and a growing national antismoking campaign.

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Basketball star Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf caused a national stir when the NBA suspended him for refusing to stand during the national anthem because of his "Muslim conscience."

A Call To Arms tells the extraordinary story of the Young Irelanders and the Uprising of 1848 in Ireland. 1848 was a year when all of Europe was in turmoil and Ireland was no exception.

A film biography of the Colombian priest who was killed by government anti-guerrilla forces in 1966, becoming a revolutionary martyr and symbol of the new activist priest in Latin America.

This dramatic short, based on interviews, is a case study of the high divorce rate among young married couples.

Presents a side of Castro seldom seen on screen; from his wealthy middle class background, his student days and private life as a family man, to his complicated relationship with the USA.

Caution: Show Dogs profiles four top breeders and their dogs, who share the years of knowledge and experience required to produce consistent champions, and behind-the-scenes footage and interviews at numerous dog shows reveal the excitement and exhilaration of the world of Show Dogs.

This documentary explores the effects of 150 years of emigration trends on the culture of Ireland.

Examines the phenomenon of the Cuban "balseros," those Cuban citizens who in the summer of 1994, in response to the island's deepening economic crisis, took to the sea in flimsy, homemade rafts in a desperate attempt to reach Florida.

Chronicles the history of Chicano Park, famous for its giant murals painted on freeway pillars, which became the focus for the revitalization of San Diego's Chicano community in the 1970s and '80s.

Examines the controversial issue of Latin America's `external debt' to the U.S., focusing on the ways it affects children, including malnourishment, lack of medical care, abandonment of babies, and child prostitution.

In the last five years, more than 1,800 children have been murdered in Brazil, and the country now has over 7,000,000 homeless children. The film visits the slums, the suburbs, and the alleys, revealing the extent of this national scandal, as well as the police brutality and the activities of professional `death squad' killers hired to kill the children.

Examines the legacy of ten years of dictatorship in Chile, focusing on the four days of nationwide protest surrounding the ten year anniversary of the coup lead by General Pinochet.

An emotionally compelling examination of NY artist and psychotherapist Jo Roman's pioneering work in developing a philosophy of "rational suicide" as a basic human right.

This docudrama explores the little known situation of African slaves in Latin America in the 19th century, depicting life in runaway slave communities.

This video portrays human dimensions of Poland's Solidarity movement in 1980-81 that were obscured by Cold-War rhetoric: the efforts of workers, artists and intellectuals who joined together to create a thriving civil society within a totalitarian state.

Examines U.S. immigration policy, its history as well as the current crisis, and shows how public opinion, human rights and political issues have historically influenced policy decisions.

This video tells the story of the Open Admissions policy at the City University of New York, the third largest university system in the U.S., with the largest minority population.

Subjects: Disabilities, Health, Women's Studies, Science, Sociology, Political Science >>
Narrated by actress Glenn Close, this heartfelt documentary follows Cody Unser, a remarkable young woman left paralyzed from a rare neurological disorder, as she learns to live with her disability while working to raise awareness, improve quality of life and find a cure for those afflicted with spinal cord related paralysis.

Middle Eastern standup comics living in New York share their views on political issues and the prejudice they’ve had to endure since 9/11.

This remarkable documentary combines history and biography in telling the story of Hugh Gregory Gallagher who became disabled by paralytic polio at the age of 19 and whose personal odyssey led him to confront stereotypes of the disabled and the public image of his childhood hero, adult role model, and fellow polio, President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

This cinema-verite documentary examines one of America's most exclusive and enduring social traditions - the debutante ball.

Journalist Linda Ellerbee examines the state of contraception in the U.S. today, including women's dissatisfaction with the methods currently available.

In this historic interview with Salvador Allende, Chile's new President articulates his basic beliefs and lays out the program he intends to pursue as leader of the Popular Unity government.

2008 Academy Award® nominee for Best Documentary Short Subject, La Corona (The Crown) explores the lives of female contestants in an unusual beauty pageant at a high security prison in Bogotá, Colombia. The film addresses issues of female identity, sexuality, crime and equality.

Counterpoint For Her exposes the brutal reality of human trafficking. This eye-opening documentary follows several men and women intimately involved in the trade, including a local Bosnian girl who, while living in Italy in 1992, was sold into the trade by a good friend of her brother.

A dramatic reenactment of the historic 1967 massacre of 'The Night of San Juan,' when the Bolivian army launched a surprise nighttime attack upon striking tin miners and their families.

This video chronicles the 1998 return to Cuba of an American college professor, Dr. Magaly Lavendenz, forced as a child to leave Cuba in 1962, and who grew up in the U.S., but with a distinct Cuban identity.

This video chronicles, from inception to completion, the creation of a commissioned art work, showing how one community comes together to make a vision a reality.


This four-part series examines changes in Cuban society during the post-Soviet economic crisis between 1994-98.

Also in: Children, Latin American Studies, Sociology
This controversial documentary looks at Cuba's future from the outspoken and dynamic perspective of Cuban youth.

The peaceful "Velvet Revolution" of November 1989, which put an end to decades of communist rule in Czechoslovakia, has led to a remarkable transforamtion of people's day-to-day lives.

A classic documentary from Agnes Varda available for the first time in the US, Daguerreotypes is a wonderfully intimate portrait of the small shops and shopkeepers on a short stretch of the Rue Daguerre, a picturesque street that has been the filmmaker's home for more than 50 years. Varda has described it as an archeological study for future sociologists.

What do daughters learn from their fathers about men? This video is an intimate family view of how adult love is often shaped by what a child learns at home.

This timely documentary offers first-person accounts of the lives of two working-class Belfast women told against the violent history of the last twenty-five years in Northern Ireland.

In October 1947, screenwriter Gordon Kahn was one of those subpoenaed to appear before the House on Un-American Activities Committee which was investigating 'communist subversion' of the film industry.

Hoboken, New Jersey - "Naples on the Hudson" to some, a square mile of prime real estate to others. Filmmaker Nora Jacobson spent eight years documenting Hoboken's battles over gentrification, from boom in the '80s to bust in the '90s.

Focusing on a vast demolition site in the center of Chengdu, the Sichuan capital in western China, a bustling site emblematic of the rapid growth and development occurring throughout the country, Demolition is a wonderfully intimate and revealing portrait of the migrant laborers who work and live in its shadow.

Many young people cannot cope with the responsibilities and realities of maturing in our modern society. Unable to express, confront or release these feelings of inadequacy, too many of them attempt suicide.

Portrays the appalling socio-political realities of contemporary Guatemala, where the majority of the population--malnourished and illiterate--are exploited by wealthy landowners and businessmen and brutally repressed by the military.

Tibetans in exile discuss the discrimination and human rights abuses their people suffer from the occupying Chinese government.

This video examines the efforts of Israeli and Palestinian organizations and individuals to overcome the legacy of bitterness between them and to find ways to end the ongoing conflict.

This video chronicles events in Haiti since the collapse of the Duvalier regime, from the downfall and ignominious flight into exile of "Baby Doc" Duvalier and his wife.

In 1918, just a year after the Russian Revolution, Lenin, together with the Minister of Culture, Anatoly Lunacharski, issued a government resolution providing for the erection of monuments honoring revolutionary thinkers such as Marx and Engels, as well as writers, philosophers, scientists and artists. Lenin's plan also prescribed the removal from the squares and streets of all monuments depicting the Tsars and their servants.

Dear Gabe tells the story of six college friends – five female and one male, queer and straight, black, white and in-between, Jewish and uncertain, biological and adoptive-moms – who had children in their thirties.

This documentary is based on the true experiences of U.S. Army privates Edward Herman and Robert Hilliard, who were stationed in Germany at the close of WWII. They discovered the horrendous treatment of displaced Jews in St. Ottilien, a displaced persons camp run by the U.S. military.

Examines the controversial historical issues surrounding the Israeli destruction of Palestinian villages and the confiscation of Arab-owned land during and following the Arab-Israeli War.

This video examines the world of New York City's hot-dog vendors, revealing their lifestyles, hopes and dreams, and the current political struggle in which New York's Mayor Rudy Giuliani is attempting to restrict their access to the city's streets.

Chronicles the history of Filipino immigration to the U.S. during the 1920s and '30s. The story is told by the immigrants themselves, and their interviews are blended with historical photos, film footage, and period music.

This short drama on domestic abuse, based on extensive research with battered Latinas, focuses on a Hispanic family, showing how the father's machismo has intimidated both wife and daughter into continual fear of physical abuse and alienated the son who resents his father's authoritarian attitudes.

Examines the relationship between Francis Mcnam, a black domestic worker in Cape Town, and her white employers, the Silberman family, graphically illustrating the vast difference in the quality of life for blacks and whites in South Africa.

A look at working women in Latin America and their efforts to achieve equality in the home and workplace. Most combine their participation in the labor market with their family functions as mothers and wives, thus working a 'double day.'

This documentary examines the situation of Dominican immigration into New York City, detailing the economic pressures of unemployment and poverty in the Dominican Republic which have led to a rapidly growing Dominican community in New York.

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Examines the problem of child abuse and its root causes and shows methods of treatment and prevention. The film includes interviews with parents, doctors, counselors and other professionals, as well as former victims of child abuse, stressing the need for an interdisciplinary approach to this far-reaching problem.

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This video series features thirty young men and women, ages 15 to 24, who share their thought-provoking, humorous and sometimes painful reflections on sexuality and growing up.

Examines the educational crisis in South Africa, where the apartheid regime for decades maintained two separate and unequal educational systems, one white and one black, with the consequent miseducation of successive generations of black youth and the destruction of untold human potential.

This documentary examines Eritrean history and the relationship between the war and the famines which have ravaged Northern Ethiopia.

Filmed on location in the People's Republic of China under clandestine conditions, this documentary re-creates the remarkable experience of student leader Zhang Boli after his flight from Beijing in the repressive aftermath of the Tiananmen Square pro-democracy demonstrations in June 1989.

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This historical documentary examines the Stalinist purges and terror in the former Soviet Union during the Thirties and Forties, when an estimated twenty million people lost their lives-some in labor camps, others starved in state-induced famine, and many others executed for "crimes against the state."

Examines the history and ongoing struggle for scenic preservation of Niagara Falls. By the mid-1800s, the beauty of one of the world's greatest natural wonders had been decimated by years of unbridled commercialism.


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A fascinating documentary on the unique sexual culture of the Mosuo people, a small minority situated in the southwest of China, and one of the last remaining matriarchal societies in the world. The Fall of Womenland explores their history and present reality as well as the dangers that threaten their inherited way of life.

This video tells the story of Don Lorenzo Milani, a Catholic priest sent in the Sixties to the small isolated village of Barbiana in Tuscany, where the children of the local peasants and farmer workers had been neglected by the state educational system.

This video examines the history and current status of the region's family and commercial farms. It begins in the pre-settlement periods of 1640 and continues up to the present day, featuring interviews with numerous local farmers who explain how an increasing number of farms are vanishing from the Long Island landscape.

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Examines the hectic lifestyles of "fast track" couples, members of the Baby Boom generation whose desire to succeed--at the office, in social circles and through their children's accomplishments--leads to living in a state of chronic stress.

Takes viewers into the heart of the Brazilian favelas, the slums that spread uncontrollably through Sao Paulo, Brazil's wealthiest industrial center.

This historical documentary tells the story of Cesar Chavez, the charismatic founder of the United Farmworkers Union, and the movement that he inspired-one that touched the hearts of millions of Americans with the grape and lettuce boycotts, a nonviolent movement that confronted conservative politicians like Ronald Reagan and the powerful Teamsters Union.

30 Teenagers (10 Israeli Arabs, 10 Israeli Jews, and 10 American Jews) explore the differences and similarities between them while traveling through Spain and Israel under a special youth program.

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A behind-the-scenes look at the dangerous world of wartime news gathering, this incisive documentary tells the story of 24-year-old Ajmal Naqshbandi, a 'fixer' - someone hired by foreign journalists to gain access for their stories - who was kidnapped, along with an Italian reporter, by the Taliban in 2007.

Offers a lively mixture of contemporary interviews and archival film footage in a thoughtful examination of the social phenomenon of the 'flapper,' the provocative 'New Woman' of America's Roaring '20s.

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Examines the situation of communes-small, voluntary social communities isolated from general society which share a common ideology and social purpose-in the U.S. Members of over two dozen communes throughout America discuss the organizational diversity of communal life, their motivations for choosing this lifestyle, and its advantages and challenges.

This historical documentary uses Civil War re-enactments, historical footage, photos and contemporary interviews to explore a controversial event in American and African- American Civil War history.

This video tells the true story of Sarah Emma Edmonds, a 20-year-old woman who, disguised as a man, enlisted in the Union Army during the Civil War.

For Gold & Glory chronicles the history of the black auto racing league through the life of the circuit's greatest driver, Charlie Wiggins, a four-time champion revered as the "Negro Speed King." Set to a memorable retro jazz score by Pulitzer and Grammy nominee Dr. David Baker.

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Filmed over a period of four years, this documentary examines the emotional agony experienced by father and son when separated by divorce, distance and a protracted legal battle for custody.

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This video offers a remarkable first-person account of the life of Lian Shengde, who was born during the Cultural Revolution in China, a time, as he says, "when millions of the people were organized by the Chinese Communist Party and its leader Chairman Mao to fight and kill each other."

A dramatic portrait of immigrant life in the U.S. as seen through the eyes of the sweatshop workers who made up the Jewish anarchist movement.

This video series features thirty young men and women, ages 15 to 24, who share their thought-provoking, humorous and sometimes painful reflections on sexuality and growing up.

The video takes viewers on an intimate tour through the past, following the family's lineage from an 1890 homesteader to a modern-day actress who left the mountains to pursue her craft in the big city.

In the 1930s Jewish intellectuals who escaped Nazi Germany and immigrated to the U.S. faced an uncertain future. Confronted with anti-Semitism at American universities and a public distrust of foreigners, many sought refuge in an unlikely place-traditionally black colleges in the segregated South.

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Traces the historical roots of the Nicaraguan national liberation movement and U.S. relations with Nicaragua, including scenes of the 1979 Sandinista insurrection, which overthrew the Somoza regime, and Sandinista social and ecnomic reform.

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Chronicles the efforts of the newly independent Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to establish a democratic society, to avoid involvement in the ongoing wars in the northern Balkans, and to join the European Community.

It's hard to run for office - even in high school. Frontrunners follows the recent elections at the ultra-competitive Stuyvesant High School in New York City, and explores how politics works at its most nascent level.

In 1982, "The G-Spot and Other Recent Discoveries About Human Sexuality" is published and becomes an instant bestseller. In the 30 years since, it has been the subject of much debate, controversy and confusion. This captivating documentary offers a modern history of female sexuality, while playfully demystifying the most mythologized sexual discovery of the 20th century.

Features the musical traditions and verbal recollections of eight retired African-American railroad track laborers, whose occupational folk songs were once heard along the railroad lines that crisscross the South.

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Examines the Santa Fe Fiesta, America's oldest continuous community celebration, which commemorates the Spaniards' "bloodless reconquest" of the Pueblo Indians in New Mexico in 1692.

This documentary about the people embroiled in and affected by the same-sex marriage debate, deftly captures what gets lost in most news reports, the human emotions behind the headlines.

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Generation X: Searching for Identity focuses on The Content of Our Character project based at Duke University and its effort to spark conversation about values and leadership among our nation's 20- and 30-somethings – a generation often criticized as apathetic and self-absorbed.

A social history of one of our most recognizable national symbols - the residential lawn. Humorous, but thought-provoking, Gimme Green considers the impact of this uniquely American obsession on the environment, our health, and our way of life.

This video profiles members of Banda Dida, an all-girl drumming and vocal group in Salvador, Brazil.

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This video shows constructive ways ordinary people around the world are addressing the impact of globalization on their communities, workplaces, and environments.

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From executions in Nigeria to riots in Indonesia, this video examines the impact of "globalization," the economic engine that is rocking financial systems worldwide, and questions whether or not economic trade can be linked to human rights and democracy, whether it is possible for profits and principles to coexist.

Tells the story of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches, a Christian church with a special outreach to gays and lesbians.

Collection: Kartemquin Films
An acclaimed documentary on American artist Leon Golub, whose politically charged work calls attention to human rights violations and the abuse of power around the world.

Examines the rapid spread of the AIDS epidemic in Africa, focusing on the small nation of Rwanda.

In 1959, some 800 families resisted efforts to remove them from their remote farms. One peasant leader, Jofre Correa Netto, became known as the “Fidel Castro of Brazil,” and became the target of an assassination attempt.

This striking documentary reveals the incredible story behind the greatest bank robbery that ever occurred in a Communist state - a tale of disillusionment, resistance, government propaganda, and Jewish life behind the iron curtain.

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This documentary chronicles one week in the life of street kids living in Cusco, Peru. Working in collaboration with a shelter for some of Cusco's 3,000 street kids, the filmmakers enlist several of the youngsters to form a street theatre company.

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In 1988, filmmakers Luc Cote and Robbie Hart went to Cusco, Peru, to make a documentary about the life of the city's street kids, runaway children from dysfunctional families or youngsters abandoned by their parents, who struggle to survive on their own.

A colorful report on post-Duvalier Haiti in which the Haitian people express their fervent desire for democracy.

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This award-winning documentary profiles five men from the Yale University class of 1963 who candidly look back at their lives as planned and as ultimately lived.

Also in: Women Studies, Islamic Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Peace & Conflict >>
Profiles Hanan Ashrawi, former spokesperson for the Palestine Liberation Organization during the Middle East peace talks with Israel, but who later turned down a position in the new government in favor of continuing her efforts on behalf of peace and human rights.

Hand to Hand is William Archer’s story, the story of an outsider learning about the American political process and coming to terms with his own ‘political’ past in Britain.

Interviews drug addicts, who explain why they started taking drugs, and people who are working to help them.

Against the current political backdrop of attacks on white-owned farms in Zimbabwe, this documentary investigates what life is like on one of these occupied farm estates. It features interviews with commercial farmers, farm workers, land occupiers, and independence war veterans, all of whom relates stories of a divided society.

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Based on the autobiography of Donegal-born Michael MacGowan, (1865-1948), this video is a stirring account of his life as a migrant worker and exile in America at the turn of the century.

Chronicles one season in the life of the Morningside High School basketball team, the defending California state champs, whose school is situated in a crime-ridden L.A. neighborhood.

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In this feature-length documentary, two paths cross on a tortuous descent into Guatemala's tragic past: that of Mateo Pablo, Maya survivor of one of many massacres that took place during the country's recent civil war, and Daniel Hernandez-Salazar, Guatemalan artist and photographer, whose work deals with local human-rights violations.

A wonderful film that illustrates the significance of gardens and green spaces in the face of ever growing urbanization and development.

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Depicts the efforts of Latino residents of New York's Lower East Side who have taken over their own buildings abandoned by landlords.

This documentary is about five women in China from different age, social and economic groups whose lives reflect the lives of many women all over China today.

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This documentary examines the turbulent life in California of political philosopher Herbert Marcuse (1898-1979), author of One-Dimensional Man, Reason and Revolution and Eros and Civilization, among other books, professor of philosophy at the University of California San Diego, and a visionary and influential force for the student movement worldwide during the Sixties and Seventies.

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This video examines the training of young African Americans at the Health Professions Department at Morehouse College, the only all-black male college in America.

Clinging to the last affordable housing in a rapidly gentrifying city, a determined group of neighbors come together when the city claims eminent domain over their land in order to build a new school. An absorbing look at the complex issues surrounding urban planning, gentrification and economic renewal.

When gold was discovered on a remote hillside in Burkina Faso, a bustling city quickly sprung up around it, replete with gold-diggers, prospectors, merchants, holy men, gamblers and prostitutes. The Hillside Crowd profiles the inhabitants of this improvised gold town and their efforts to escape the surrounding poverty.

Also in:
An emotionally powerful account of Pope John Paul's 1987 visit to Chile, which caused a massive outpouring of political discontent with the Pinochet regime, including emotional appeals to the Pope to support protests over the imprisonment and torture of political prisoners, the lack of political freedom, and widespread hunger and unemployment.

Examines the political activism of the religious New Right, focusing on their anti-abortion efforts.

Also in:
Examines the plight of `squatters' in Brooklyn, NY as they try to claim buildings abandoned by the city and to transform them into habitable dwellings.

Also in:
Depicts life in Cuatro Flats, a housing project in East Los Angeles, as seen through the eyes of Chicano gang members, or 'homeboys.'

Also in:
Psychologists, psychiatrists and gay people speak directly to high school age youngsters and respond to their questions, concerns and fears about homosexuality.

Features interviews with former victims of domestic violence who discuss the various forms of violence, both physical and emotional, in abusive relationships, the psychological patterns that keep women from leaving abusive spouses or boyfriends, and related issues of fear and low self-esteem.

This documentary focuses on the experience of a young woman doctor who in August 1993 returns to her village in South Lebanon to find it badly damaged after a massive Israeli attack which destroyed fifty villages and displaced 450,000 people.

Also in:
In this ongoing video series, Saul Landau—internationally known scholar, author, lecturer, and filmmaker—talks to guests about current events, politics, social issues, education, religion, and entertainment, among a wide range of other topics.

Also in:
Examines the operations of the Bronx Housing Court which annually mediates some 125,000 disputes between tenants and landlords, including evictions, rent strikes and housing code violations.

Also in:
This informative video will help you discover your Native American ancestry. It lists over five hundred federally recognized American Tribes, shows how and where to research the Dawes Rolls and Native American websites to assist your genealogical search.

In 1889, amidst the slums of Chicago's Near West Side, pioneer social worker Jane Addams (1860-1935) opened Hull House to aid the poor, largely immigrant residents of the neighborhood.

Also in:
This feature-length drama from Northern Ireland portrays a group of teenage schoolgirls (starring Emer McCourt and Sinead O'Connor) at a convent school, giddy with excitement over their discovery of boys and a newfound sense of sexuality, and the emotional turmoil and social isolation one of them experiences when she must deal with an unexpected pregnancy.

Also in:
This documentary examines the tradition of both the Catholic/Nationalist and Protestant/Loyalist communities in Northern Ireland of painting huge murals on building walls, both as a way to celebrate cultural heroes or commemorate significant historical events as well as to demarcate their respective neighborhoods.

Subjects: Media Studies, Sociology, American Studies, Photography, African-American >>
An illuminating and entertaining history of the magazine - from Edward Cave's 1731 publication The Gentleman's Magazine to Oprah and beyond - exploring how this powerful medium has influenced our social and political landscape. A three-part documentary series.

Subjects: American Studies, Criminal & Law, African-American Studies, Latino Studies, Peace & Conflict >>
From Steve James, acclaimed director of Hoop Dreams, and Alex Kotlowtiz, bestselling author of There Are No Children Here, The Interrupters is an epic documentary work exploring violence in America, a look at an innovative program in which former gang members disrupt violent situations as they happen.

Also in:
Nine years in the making, this documentary film offers a riveting window into the past as seen through the eyes of this historic ship and the survivors of those who sailed on her.

Also in:
This semi-documentary recounts the adventures of Iracema, a 14-year-old Indian girl, who leaves her village to discover life in the big city.

This film autobiography of a Bolivian miner also chronicles the rise and fall of the mining industry and the political history of Bolivia.

Portrays religious terrorism in Pensacola, Florida, which has become the epicenter of the national debate over abortion, including a 1984 clinic bombing, the 1993 murder of a clinic physician, and the 1994 murder of another clinic physician and his escort.

This video is about women in the film business and how they balance children, love lives and career—or how they don’t. When a female filmmaker discovers she is unexpectedly pregnant, her life is turned upside down, as she struggles to balance family and career.

This video exposes the deceptive activities of so-called "Crisis Pregnancy Centers," which advertise themselves as women's health clinics.

Shot during the seven months of the Brazilian sugar cane harvest, this video portrays what may be the last generation of the nation’s 800,000 sugar cane cutters (an environmental law approved by the National Congress has ruled that by 2015 practically all cane harvesting must be mechanized).

Also in:
Male, Female, Man, Woman. This provocative video challenges the rigid conventions that accompany these labels. Introducing us to four very different people who identify themselves as transsexuals, it explores traditional assumptions about gender and what happens when a person's inner sense of identity conflicts with society's expectations.

Also in:
This short video features three autobiographical stories written and performed by teenagers in a children's psychiatric hospital.

Also in: African-American, World History, Sociology, Peace & Conflict, Labor Studies >>
This video examines Pulaski, Tennessee, the town where the Ku Klux Klan was founded right after the Civil War, and where today its memory still runs very deep.

Also in:
Follows the Chicano comedy trio Culture Clash on a whimsical journey in search of the mythical Aztlan, the ancient homeland of the Aztec people.

Also in:
Examines the psychology of intuition-that sudden insight into the truth or facts of a situation-showing how intuition figures in our everyday lives, from our dreams and family relations to business decisions.

Also in:
This timely video joins a U.S. congressional delegation, led by Congressman Nick Rahall and formerSenator James Abourezk, that traveled to Iraq in September 2002 to meet with Sa'doun Hammadi, Speaker of the Iraqi National Assembly, and Tariq Aziz, Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister, to discuss the readmission of UN arms inspectors in the hope of averting war.

Also in:
Tells the story of the adoption of the South African Freedom Charter on June 26, 1955, when over 3,000 delegates from every corner of South Africa gathered at Kliptown, near Johannesburg, at the Congress of the People where the Charter, a blueprint for a future non-racial and democratic South Africa, was unanimously adopted.

Also in:
Chronicles the history of arms control and disarmament negotiations since WWII, discusses ways in which international conflicts can be most effectively resolved, and suggests how ordinary people can influence progress towards disarmament.

Examines nurse-midwifery as a significant and increasingly popular alternative to traditional hospital childbirth methods.

Also in:
IThis historical video documents the tragic history of an agrarian commune established in the Soviet Union during the Twenties. Although the 1917 Russian Revolution abolished many previous restrictions on Jewish life, Jews remained the victims of pogroms and other violence during the ensuing Civil War.

Also in:
This video chronicles the history of Wall Street, America’s financial center since 1949, exploring the last half-century of economic history through the life of Jim Maguire.

Also in:
This biographical video tells the story of John McCrae, a Canadian army physician in WWI. Shaken by the experience of having to pick up for burial the body parts of a best friend, the victim of a direct hit from a German shell, McCrae later wrote "In Flanders Fields," one of the most famous anti-war poems of all time, while looking out over the grave.

This video profiles the history of blacks in Canada and pays tribute to civil rights activists who struggled to change the country’s discriminatory laws.

Also in: Children & Young Adult, Islamic Studies, Jewish Studies, Middle Eastern Studies >>
This video, by comparing the current Israeli/Palestinian conflict with the previous struggle for liberation and democracy in South Africa, makes a universal statement about war and the effects of war on young people on both sides of the conflicts.

Profiles some of the key women involved in the grassroots organizing of the 'People's Power' revolution in the Philippines which brought down Ferdinand Marcos and swept Corazon Aquino to power in 1989.

This video begins in March 1896 when the Ndebele people of what was then known as Rhodesia rose in armed rebellion against European settlers such as Cecil Rhodes, who had taken over much of their land in the search for gold and other minerals.

Follows the five month journey of Mike Auger, a Cree Indian from northern Canada, who travels to Bolivia to live and work with the Aymara Indians.

Also in:
Everyone remembers them. Every class had one. Maybe it was because they dressed funny, or always knew the answers, or never did. Maybe it was their goofy attitude, or the way they tripped over everything in phys. ed.

Also in:
Examines the history of this famous organization founded in Mexico City in 1934. The League, whose founding members included painters such as Diego Rivera and David Alfaro Siqueiros, included artists from various disciplines, all of whom shared a commitment to the fusion of art and politics.

Also in:
Filmed at a center for street children in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, founded by former President Aristide in 1986, this video interviews five young children.

Examines the popular movement for land reform in Brazil. The film shows massive demonstrations, marches and protests throughout Brazil, including the establishment of a large camp of some 1500 landless peasants at an unused private farm in Rio Grande do Sul.

This video examines Cambodia today, a country struggling to overcome the legacy of more than two decades of civil war and the genocide which left two million dead in the 'killing fields' of Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge.

Deep in the Amazon rainforest, three cities form a unique triple border between three South American countries: Brazil, Colombia and Peru. Beautifully photographed, Lands examines the impact of borders, commerce and urbanization on the lives of the local and indigenous population as well as the surrounding ecology.

Puerto Rico has the highest incidence of female sterilization in the world. Over one-third of all Puerto Rican women of childbearing age have been sterilized.

An astounding new documentary on the first victims of global warming, The Last Days of Shishmaref travels to a small village in northwest Alaska, home to an Inupiaq Eskimo community, where homes are literally falling into the sea. The entire village is expected to disappear within 10 years.

Last Plant Standing, a four-part documentary series, travels the world to assess the state of the planet's plant resources and to meet the people and organizations who are working to secure them for the benefit of humankind.

Also in:
This video traces the history of Birobidzhan, the capital of the Soviet Union's Jewish Autonomous Region, from 1928 to the present.

Also in:
This documentary, hosted and narrated by Burt Lancaster, examines the effects of the highly publicized investigation of the motion picture industry by the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC), which began in 1947.

Sabiha Gokcen was the world's first female combat pilot, yet the story of this extraordinary Turkish woman is relatively unknown in the United States . The Legendary Girl of The Skies incorporates rare archival footage and interviews to recount her amazing life story and accomplishments in aviation history.

Also in:
Does the solution to the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians rest in the classroom rather than in the angry, fearful streets of the region? Lessons in Fear compares both educational systems and looks at what young Israeli and Palestinian children are being taught.

Also in:
Examines the recent political history of Liberia, from the 1980 military coup led by Samuel Doe to the 1989 rebellion which ousted him from power and led to the Liberian civil war.

We’ve all seen homeless people pushing shopping carts down the street, shopping carts packed to the brim with all kinds of "junk." But what’s actually inside those shopping carts anyway?

Also in:
Documents the making of a public art piece that raises questions about the meaning of private and public space and the role of public art.

An offbeat documentary portrait of Lily Dale, New York, one of America's oldest spiritualist communities, where just about everyone is a psychic or a medium who claims to be able to communicate with the dead.

Also in:
A Yekuana Indian chief in the Amazon, a leader in the struggle for indigenous rights, speaks out forcefully about the disrespectful attitude shown towards his people by colonizers and missionaries

Interweaves the stories of six women who were profoundly affected by the choices available to them prior to the legalization of abortion.

Also in:
How does an American Indian tribe preserve its heritage while functioning in modern America? Long Journey Home tells the story of "walking in two worlds" through the family of Dee Ketchum, tribal chief of the Delaware Indians from 1998 through 2002.

Also in:
This video features an interview with Dr. Alexander lief, a gerontology specialist at Harvard University and the Massachusetts General Hospital, who discusses his on-location study of the people living in the Andean village of Vilcabamba in Ecuador.

Also in:
The powerful Loomis Gang of Central New York may have been the largest family crime syndicate in 19th-century America. In this video, documentary filmmaker Brian Peter Falk returns to Waterville, New York, his boyhood home and the epicenter of Loomis power during the Civil War era, to chronicle the gang’s legend and explore the efforts by a handful of local people to revive it.

Never before available, Thom Andersen's landmark documentary Los Angeles Plays Itself explores the tangled relationship between the movies and their fabled hometown - as seen entirely though the films themselves. Newly remastered, this kaleidoscopic tour through the metropolis' real and cinematic history, from the silent era to modern times, is an extraordinary achievement, unlike any documentary that has come before or since.

Also in:
An insightful documentary portrait of one of New York City's poorest neighborhoods, and the lives of five of its Puerto Rican residents.

Looks at the many individuals and organizations that have met the challenge of providing services for people with AIDS (PWAs) in San Francisco, including volunteers who provide vital services that government agencies have been unable or unwilling to provide.

Also in:
This video examines the most famous of Marian shrines, in France, which is visited by more than five million pilgrims each year.

Also in:
'Lowriders,' car enthusiasts who spend thousands of dollars to customize their cars, explain their hobby and discuss media stereotype of lowriding as a gang-related activity, as well as racism and police harassment.

Also in:
This historical video uses rare film footage, an extensive collection of archival photos, and interviews with former residents to re-create the fabric of daily life in the predominantly Jewish market town, or shtetl, of Luboml in prewar Poland.

An engaging, informative and fascinating documentary, Lunch Line chronicles the political and social history of the National School Lunch Program, one of our nation's most successful social programs, from the factors that led to its creation in 1946 to the current debate over its nutritional standards.

Also in:
Examines the history of one of Mexico's most combative unions, from the 1920s through the present day, through archival footage and interviews with surviving participants.

Also in:
This video explores the vitality of ancient African traditions regarding the links between life and death.

Also in:
Archbishop Trevor Huddleston's name has become synonymous with the battle against racial tyranny in South Africa. This film intersperses interviews and rare archival footage to chronicle Archbishop Huddleston's life and work and his continuing commitment to the destruction of apartheid.

Also in:
Faced with widespread conditions of mass unemployment, poverty, urban crowding, and governmental crisis, more than a billion people in some 100 underdeveloped nations throughout the Third World have developed their own 'informal economy,' a parallel lifestyle operating on the margins of the society's formal economy and legal system, which provides them with a means of survival.

Also in:
This autobiographical video, in which the filmmaker reveals his homosexuality to his mother, explores the awkward situation of being ‘out’ to friends but closeted to family.

Also in:
This video is an unusually revealing portrait of one of the historic figures behind Nelson Mandela’s long struggle for freedom in South Africa.

This docudrama offers an intriguing analysis of the ideological and social implications of the anti-feminist women's movement.

Also in:
This provocative and emotionally unsettling video examines the realities behind the myth of the Marquis de Sade (1740-1814), the French author who, charged with numerous sexual offenses, spent half of his adult life in prisons or asylums.

Weaving together sequences of hair-braiding salons in Ghana, voice-over of Oprah rhapsodizing brown-skinned dolls and animated clips of signature hairstyles, Me Broni Ba (My White Baby) is an artfully composed, thought-provoking work that investigates the fraught relationship between images of beauty and power.

What role should genetics and one's social environment play in the legal defense of a minor on trial for murder? This engrossing documentary explores the question by following the controversial case of Cyntoia Brown, a 16-year-old girl forced into prostitution, who faces life without parole for killing one of her clients.

Also in:
Portrays a summer camp on a tiny island in the Adriatic Sea for Bosnian and Croatian children traumatized by the war in the former Yugoslavia.

Also in:
An intimate portrait of the filmmaker's immigrant Central American family-in particular the macho traditions of his grandfather-woven from childhood memories and family reminiscences, revealing how exaggerated expressions of male identity can cost a man the love of his entire family.

Also in:
On an abandoned beach off the coast of Israel, against all odds, Israeli and Palestinian fishermen live and work together. Men on the Edge: Fishermen's Diary documents four years in their lives, an eclectic group of men brought together by a shared relationship with the sea.

Also in:
This three-part video series examines different social aspects of the cultures of Mesoamerica (i.e., the nations of Mexico and Central America).

Also in:
Examines the continuing human tragedy of families divided as a result of the thirty year conflict between the U.S. and Cuba.

This video presents the mission and practice of American midwives, explaining the benefits and advantages of natural childbirth through interviews with midwives and childbirth educators, the testimonies of new mothers, footage and photos of actual births, and many touching stories.

Also in:
This video tells the story of Springfield Park, a housing estate built in the early Sixties in West Belfast, made up of both Catholic and Protestant families who lived side by side in harmony.

Dramatizes a real-life incident involving a fight between two high school girls--one white, one black-and then traces in parallel fashion the response of the two families to the incident, revealing the real feelings underlying racial tensions as well as the existence of common interests.

This video, focusing on the experience of a frightened teenager, exposes the deceptive practices of so-called "Crisis Pregnancy Centers," which advertise themselves as women's health clinics, but which are actually staffed by anti-abortion volunteers who use misinformation and scare tactics to dissuade women from having abortions.

Examines beauty pageants and the images of women they promote, allowing both pageant supporters annd protestors to express their viewpoints.

Also in:
Portrays the courageous efforts of Argentine mothers and grandmothers to locate their children and grandchildren who were among the innocent victims of the military junta's `dirty war' against the opposition in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

This video tells the story of community gardens in New York City, which flourished during the Seventies when residents of deteriorating neighborhoods removed garbage from abandoned lots, obtained temporary leases from the city, and planted gardens.

In this unusual family portrait, filmmaker Mary Patierno focuses on her gay brother, David, recording significant events during the last years of his life.

Examines the imagery which for centuries has portrayed Ireland as a woman and discusses the social function of these romantic stereotypes of Irish womanhood and their relationship to the nationalist struggle and Irish women today.

Through interviews with people whose mothers died due to complications from abortion before its legalization, this video examines the tragedy of deaths from illegal abortions and the trauma of losing a mother at a young age.

Examines the increasing participation of women in motorcycle riding, whether as hobby or profession.

Also in:
A provocative look at the Protestant and Catholic churches in Ireland, examining both the myths and realities of their legislative and educational influence on such issues as abortion, contraception, homosexuality, and women's rights.

Also in:
Examines the human tragedy unfolding in Mozambique, Africa's poorest nation, where the civilian populace is not only threatened with full-scale famine but is also under siege from RENAMO, a bloody terrorist army supported by South Africa.

Also in:
Completed shortly after his April 1989 suicide, this provocative and comic NYC deli encounter between Sixties radical-emeritus Abbie Hoffman (on the eve of his 50th birthday) and actress/filmmaker Nancy Cohen shows the self-proclaimed "Jewish Road Warrior" at his feisty, outspoken and humorous best.

Provocative, enlightening and revealing, The Naked Feminist challenges the myths surrounding women in the porn industry while exploring preconceived notions of control, pleasure and exploitation.

Also in:
Examines Namibia's long history of colonial occupation by South Africa, including the armed conflict between South African troops and the Namibian resistance organization SWAPO, negotiations of a peace plan in 1978, and discussions of the nation's independence that was finally declared in 1990.

Also in:
After twenty-three years of armed struggle against South African occupation forces, Namibia gained its independence in 1990. This video documents the challenges facing Namibians in rebuilding a nation dispossessed by a lifetime of colonial domination and devastated by decades of occupation.

Also in:
An in-depth look at economic relations between the U.S. and Mexico, including banking, trade and illegal immigration, and the impact of maquiladoras--labor-intensive factories owned by U.S. firms but located in Mexico--and how these 'offshore' operations affect American consumers and workers.

Also in:
Four former psychiatric patients in New York and Vienna give moving personal accounts of their personal crises and the nature of their psychiatric treatment, including their experiences with therapy, institutionalization, and medication.

How are ideals of beauty influenced by race, history, and geopolitics? And how are these ideals reinforced in ethnic communities? With a rich selection of film clips and archival footage, Never Perfect examines the dramatic rise in popularity of cosmetic surgery among Asian-American women.

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Also in:
This video chronicles the recent political history of Sierra Leone, a small West African nation, rich in natural resources, which has been plagued by successive politically corrupt governments since its establishment as a republic in 1971.

Also in:
Documents the efforts of a group of American volunteers--including architects, artists, teachers and psychologists--in building and operating a primary school in a poor Tiajuana neighborhood.

This series chronicles the history of colonialism and the struggle for independence in three African countries - Ethiopia, Kenya, and Zimbabwe.

This video begins with the Ethiopian victory over the Italians in 1896 at the Battle of Andowa, which confirmed Ethiopian independence to the European powers and paved the way for Emperor Menelik's modernization program


This video traces the history of Kenya's opposition to white rule, from the arrival of the first settlers in the 19th century to the Mau-Mau rebellion in 1952, in which the struggle for land rights was central.


This video begins in March 1896 when the Ndebele people of what was then known as Rhodesia rose in armed rebellion against European settlers such as Cecil Rhodes, who had taken over much of their land in the search for gold and other minerals.


Also in:
Novelist Peter Quinn hosts this documentary on Irish immigration into New York City in the mid-nineteenth century.

Also in:
Examines the dynamics of the parent-child relationship within several different households where children are being raised by gay and lesbian parents.

Subjects: Sociology
Chronicles life on East Seventh Street in New York City and its transformations. Residents share their memories of what used to be an immigrant lower-class neighborhood.

Taking its title from the last line in the first stanza of the National Anthem, O'er The Land is a haunting meditation on the connection between patriotism and violence in American culture. It raises timely questions about the hallowed concept of freedom, including how its evolved since 1776 and what it means to Americans today.

Features interviews with young people in South Africa, both white and black, who fought on opposing sides during the country's era of apartheid rule, from youthful cadres engaged in the liberation struggle and members of black township self-defense units engaged in guerrilla war, to the white conscripts in the South African Army's border war and young Afrikaners fearful of social change.

The human tragedy caused by the widespread use of land mines in warfare is a growing problem throughout the world today.

Also in:
This emotionally devastating feature documentary examines political repression and the situation of the 'disappeared' during Argentina's 'dirty war' in the late Seventies.

The first Mardi Gras in America was celebrated in Mobile, Alabama in 1703. In 2008, it is still racially segregated. A fascinating investigation into our nation's history and traditions, this acclaimed, award-winning documentary illuminates the complexities of race relations in 21st century America.
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Why would anyone buy someone else's family photographs? In this surprising look at the world of vintage snapshot collecting, nine obsessive collectors hunt for images/ that feed their fantasies and quiet the voices in their heads.

An award-winning documentary about one of the most extreme examples of face-veiling in the Middle East.

In her Oscar nominated documentary Promises, filmmaker Justine Shapiro took us into the lives of Palestinian and Israeli children in and around Jerusalem. Her new documentary, Our Summer in Tehran, transports us into the seldom seen realm of middle class family life in Iran, transcending overt politics for a perspective Western media has little interest in showing.


Also in:
This offbeat feature documentary shatters stereotypes about the disabled in its portrayal of Diane Starin, a 34-year-old northern California cowgirl who has been blind since she was 18 months old.

Also in:
This video, part of a series of documentaries on conflict resolution in the world’s trouble spots, offers personal and historical views of the unrest in Northern Ireland from the mid-Sixties to the present day.

Also in:
Based on a play by Puerto Rican playwright Rene marques, this video potrays the migration of a Puerto Rican family from the countryside to the San Juan ghetto and then to New York's Spanish Harlem.

Also in:
In the wake of the terrorist attacks on the twin towers and the Pentagon, the world witnessed a number of Palestinians celebrating on the streets of Jerusalem.

This video celebrates the 25-year struggle of that Coalition and its successes. In their own words, neighbors document their history and hold up a vision for "ordinary people" everywhere that together they can transform lives and heal their communities.

An extremely insightful examination of the psychiatrist-patient relationship, this innovative documentary uses role-playing techniques that allow patients to express their innermost thoughts about their psychiatrist and experience in mental institutions. People in White offers a fresh look at the mental health industry and the treatment methods used by mental health care professionals.

Seasonale. Depo-Provera. Lybrel. As pharmaceutical companies develop new drugs that allow women to stop their periods for months and years at a time, this film investigates the social, cultural and medical implications of this popular new trend.

A harrowing investigation into China's legal system, this documentary takes us inside the world of 'petitioners,' people who come to Beijing from all over the country to seek justice against corrupt local officials and courts, only to find themselves waiting months or years (in some cases more than 10 years) for a hearing.

The idea of intelligent machines has captivated humankind's imagination for centuries. But recent breakthroughs are poised to make this fantastical dream a reality. Featuring interviews with leading scientists and thinkers, Plug and Pray is a deeply fascinating, occasionally frightening journey into the new world of artificial intelligence, an exploration of what's possible today and what it will mean for us tomorrow.
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Also in:
This historical video chronicles the Roma (Gypsy) Holocaust—Porraimos, or "the devouring." It is the first American documentary to expose how the pseudo-science of eugenics was used to persecute not only Jews, but also Gypsies.

Also in:
This video, part of a series of documentaries on conflict resolution in the world’s trouble spots, depicts the bitter civil war in the former Yugoslavia.

Also in:
An exploration of exile, memory and democracy through the words and recollections of playwright/author/activist Ariel Dorfman ("Death and the Maiden"), a member of Salvador Allende's socialist government and witness to the violent coup that ushered in Pinochet's reign. From the director of Shake Hands with the Devil.

Also in:
Examines an unusual episode of the Mexican Revolution, on March 9, 1916, when Pancho Villa's guerrilla band attacked the small border town of Columbus, New Mexico. In response, the U.S. Army launched a 10,000 man, eleven month punitive expedition into northern Mexico to capture Villa and his men.

The film is designed to promote respectful dialogue on this divisive topic and raises questions such us: Do mainstream Jewish institutions foster dialogue, or silence dissent? Is there a room in this conversation for a range of ideas? If not, what is lost?

Also in:
Chronicles the efforts of international mediator Dr. Dudley Weeks to negotiate a peace process between warring factions of Indian (Sikh) and Pakistani (Muslim) youths in West London, showing how peacemaking skills utilized in South Africa and Bosnia can be applied at a community level.

Also in:
Filmmaker Steven Bognar documents the story of his father, Bela, who, as a young Hungarian idealist, took up arms against Soviet tanks in the streets of Budapest in 1956.

A contemporary portrait of the small southern town where, in June 1964, three young civil rights workers were murdered for registering blacks to vote.

Also in:
This video chronicles the filmmaker’s quest to uncover the mystery of her Slovak identity and heritage. As a young girl growing up during the Cold War, she was curious about the 'strange' language spoken by her grandmother and the enigma that shrouds her past.

Also in:
The video observes the Mormon mother's attempt to organize and subdue the chaos that surrounds her in the form of five young children and a husband.

Also in:
This timely documentary chronicles the post-9/11 racial profiling, large scale round-ups, detentions and mass deportations of Arab, Muslim and South Asian men as part of the government’s "War on Terrorism."

Also in:
This inspiring documentary examines the participation of the blind and visually impaired in competitive athletic events, including track and field, swimming, judo, basketball, and goal ball.

Also in:
This shocking documentary, produced by the International Labour Organization, reveals the exploitation of child labor in Brazil today, focusing on the daily lives of four children in and around Rio de Janeiro.

Also in: American Studies, Gay & Lesbian, Human Sexuality, Psychology, Family Relations >>
Filmmaker Hali Lee grew up in suburban Kansas City, where she remembers her own high school prom as a drag. In later years, however, she became obsessed with trying to understand the appeal of this quintessentially American tradition--was it the pageantry, the poignant pretensions of teenagers dressing up as ‘adults,’ the myth of prom as a pagan coming-of-age ritual, or the ersatz memories?


Also in:
This two-part documentary, using period graphics and photos, profiles the life and times of the legendary American newspaper publisher, Joseph Pulitzer (1847-1911), who revolutionized American journalism.

Offers a rare look at Latin America's oldest dictatorship, that of General Alfredo Stroessner, who took power in 1954.

Beginning every midnight for the past twenty-one years, Yolanda Garcia has scoured the alleys of Venice Beach, California.

Also in: Art History, African American, American Studies, Asian American Studies, Cultural Studies >>
In this video, artist and art educator Betty LaDuke presents the lives and work of three American women artists of diverse heritages—Lois Mailou Jones, Mine Okubo, and Pablita Velarde.

Examines a woman's right to control her own reproductive life and the complex considerations she faces in deciding whether to have an abortion.

Also in:
In 1991 the violent secession of Slovenia, Yugoslavia's Western republic, struck the first spark in the Balkan war which defined the opening chapters of the post Cold War era.

Also in:
This inspirational video chronicles the emotional journey home of one Holocaust survivor—Pola Susswein.

Looks at coal bed methane development and its impact in Wyoming and Montana, where people are catching-up to a changing industry that threatens the Powder River Basin.

How can one believe that terrorism leads to heaven? Banned by the Indonesian government, this provocative documentary examines the psychology of extremism in a country with the largest Muslim population in the world.

Also in:
This timely documentary encourages Americans to think more deeply about the importance of memorials on our landscape. In light of the continuing debate surrounding the September 11th memorial design in New York, it is an excellent opportunity for the greater public to rethink the meanings and motivations behind building a memorial of such historical significance.

Also in:
Filmed during the historic 1970 elections in Chile, blends documentary footage of the Salvador Allende political campaign-including vicious street battles, mass rallies and screaming crowds-with a fictional story of political intrigue.

Also in:
Examines the role of Liberation Theology in Latin America today by showing the efforts of Christian Base Communities, groups of poor and marginalized people attempting to solve their problems of hunger, disease, unemployment and political oppression through the application of Biblical principles.

Also in:
An incisive look at the realities behind the romantic myths of the Mexican Revolution.

Features intimate discussions among women, as well as a class of fourth and fifth grade girls, about their menstruation experiences and their difficulties in talking about their periods.

Also in:
A biographical profile of America's leading consumer advocate and author who has been responsible for the passage of dozens of major environmental, consumer and safety reforms.

Also in:
This video documents the first national convention in El Paso, Texas in September 1972 of the La Raza Unida Party, a third political party whose membership consisted primarily of Mexican-American citizens.

Also in:
This classic of the Latin American cinema is based on actual historical events involving the brutal military suppression of a series of strikes during the early Twenties by rural workers in the southernmost province of Argentina.

Also in:
In 1980, following a fifteen-year-long guerilla struggle against the white-ruled government of Rhodesia and a negotiated cease fire, ZANU leader Robert Mugabe was elected Prime Minister of the newly independent nation of Zimbabwe.

Also in:
An investigative (but frequently humorous) documentary on the surveillance activities of the New York City Police Department's Bureau of Special Services, known as the Red Squad.

This documentary profiles Gina ‘Boom Boom’ Guidi and her rise to the top ranks of women’s professional boxing.

Also in:
Tells the story of Joe Hill (1879-1915), a Swedish immigrant to America who became a songwriter, cartoonist and labor organizer for the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and whose 1915 execution by the state of Utah for a crime he probably did not commit transformed him into a martyr for the labor movement and an international folk hero.

Also in:
This video documents an African approach to treating mental-health issues by showing the communal healing process used by the Wolof in Senegal.

Also in:
An emotionally moving investigation of the problems of identity and adjustment confronting Chilean youngsters who returned to Chile after many years in exile with their parents.

Also in: Women Studies, Latin American Studies, Puerto Rican Studies, Short Films, Sociology >>
This short drama portrays the efforts of a young woman photographer to uncover the fragmentary and little-known history of an early nineteenth-century Puerto Rican feminist and political activist who was deported for her nationalist beliefs by the Spanish colonial government of the era.

Also in:
Examines sexual attitudes of high school youngsters in different environments, from suburb to inner city, including frank discussion of virginity, birth control, physical appearance, emotional involvement, sexual abuse, masturbation, acceptance and self- confidence.

Also in:
During the Great Depression, 120 families of Jewish garment workers from New York City moved to the New Jersey countryside to develop a government-sponsored, agro- industrial cooperative community.

Also in:
This video profiles four young people at the Hetrick-Martin Institute in New York, which supports lesbian, gay, transgender, and bisexual youth.

Also in:
Examines the participation of lesbians and gay men in sports, focusing on the homophobia they confront in mainstream sporting events and their recent efforts to organize gay teams, organizations and events.

This video looks at South Korea's uncomfortable but growing acceptance of North Korea over a two-year period.

Also in:
Focuses on the Russian city of Ekaterinburg as a case-study illustration of the former Soviet Union's difficult transition from a socialist to a capitalist economy.

Also in:
Tells the compelling stories of three Russians against the backdrop of the former Soviet Union's breakup and historic transition from Communism to Capitalism.

Also in:
The one person singled out as ultimately responsible for Guevara’s capture was his former lieutenant, Ciro Bustos. His version of those events, combined with interviews with historians, former CIA agents and Bolivian army officers, raises serious questions about how history is written.

Also in:
A colorful portrait of the culture and lifestyles of the `Flower Power' era, 1968-72, including rock music, brown rice, organic gardens, astrology, communes and collectives, and assorted chemical contraband.

Also in:
Examines the Sanctuary Movement, a modern-day underground railroad in which American citizens, supported by churches, synagogues and other organizations, transport political refugees from Central America to places of refuge in the U.S.

Also in:
Portrays daily life in a mountaintop slum in Rio de Janeiro, featuring interviews with residents who discuss police harassment, the lack of educational and employment opportunities, problems of sanitation, violence, drugs and alcohol in the community, and social and racial discrimination.

Also in: African-American Studies, American Studies, Cultural Studies, New York City >>
Examines the way Red Scare politics were used to impede the emergence of African-Americans as full participants in the political, social, and cultural aspects of postwar American life. Hosted by Morgan Freeman.

Also in:
This video reveals the plight of young Palestinian children in the West Bank city of Hebron who regularly risk being attacked by Israeli soldiers as they try to go to school each morning.

Also in:
This critically acclaimed feature documentary dramatizes the complex problem of kidnapping in Colombia, where the disparity between rich and poor has turned kidnapping for ransom into a virtual business, with a kidnapping occurring every seven hours.

Five teen-aged Latinas living in San Francisco's Mission District-most of them recent immigrants from Mexico or other Central American countries-talk frankly about their lives, from discrimination and school , to friends and family relationships, experiences with gang activity and violence, and plans for the future.

Also in:
This video follows the lives of four Mexican women and their families whose undocumented husbands and partners, as workers at the World Trade Center, lost their lives in the tragic events of 9/11.

This historical documentary, filmed in Argentina, chronicles the life of Eva Peron (1919-1952) through a wealth of archival footage, rare photos, and interviews with many of her colleagues, closest confidants, and contemporary political leaders.

Also in:
Examines Africa's smallest country, the Gambia, as one of only a few successful multi- party democracies on the continent.

Also in:
Examines the problem of illiteracy among America's prison population by portraying a peer-tutoring program in which long-term, educated inmates fill teaching positions left vacant due to budget cuts.

This historical documentary is a deeply disturbing portrait of Magdalene Asylums run by Catholic nuns in Ireland. For over a hundred years girls and young women were sent to live and work in the Magdalene Asylums’ Laundries after they’d had sexual or 'sinful' contact with men.

Also in:
Examines the plight of homeless children through interviews with more than a dozen youngsters living on the streets of California's Bay Area.

Welcome to Alang , India, the site of a gargantuan scrap yard where oceangoing ships come to die. Forty thousand Indians live and work here, dismembering and scavenging the hulks of 400 vessels every year.

This video documents the Million Woman March in Philadelphia on October 25, 1997, when black women from all over America gathered to demonstrate their concerns for Black America and to express their sense of unity as a movement that can play an influential role in American society.

Also in:
Before dawn on New Year's Day, 1994, startled tourists and residents of the Mexican state of Chiapas watched as armed Mayan Indians declared war on the government, seizing eight towns and sending shock waves through Mexico's political establishment.

This documentary examines the current controversy over the issue of slave reparations, addressing the most often voiced objections ("It’s long over," "I had nothing to do with it," "Affirmative Action is enough," etc.) to the claim for financial restitution to the ancestors of slaves for the wealth created by black labor in previous centuries.

Examines the hazards and annoyances of smoking and the rationalizations of smokers who persist in their habit despite knowledge of health risks.

Also in:
Part city symphony, part visual poem, The Solitary Life of Cranes explores the invisible life of a city, its patterns and hidden secrets, seen through the eyes of crane drivers working high above its streets. Referencing both Ruttmann and Vertov as well as Jane Jacobs' "The Death and Life of Great American Cities," it's a beautiful meditation on how our existence is shaped by the spaces we inhabit.

Also in:
Examines the plight of tens of thousands of children in South Africa who, driven by poverty and dysfunctional family lives, struggle to live on city streets.

Examines the role of black resistance to apartheid in South Africa through a look at two of the nation's leading cultural activists and popular performers--poet Mzwakhe Mbuli and writer/ performer Gcina Mhlophe.

Also in:
Portrays the efforts of two men-the Protestant Glen Barr, one-time political advisor to the Ulster Defense Association, and the Catholic Paddy Doherty, former spokesman for the Derry Defense Association-to overcome the bitter enmities of the past with imaginative solutions to the problems of Northern Ireland's second largest city.

Also in:
Examines the role of culture in the struggle for national liberation in South Africa by interspersing performances by the Amandla Cultural Ensemble with footage of the mass singing of resistance songs on the streets of South Africa and interviews with leading cultural workers of the African National Congress.

Also in:
Examines the history and legends of the Shuar Indians, formerly known as the Jivaro or ‘head-hunter’ Indians, of Ecuador, focusing on their centuries-long history of resistance to the armed might of the Inca and Spanish empires and the preservation of their current way of life.

Also in:
The time of the Samurai in ancient Japan was unique and violent; a life filled with tradition, honor, and legend. This is the story of their life and of a culture unfamiliar to most of the Western world.

Also in:
This poetic docu-drama about the pride and anguish of Haiti features the renowned Haitian singer Toto Bissainthe who recounts in song a fable that recreates Haiti's past and reveals its continuing tragedy.

Also in:
A colorful and entertaining survey of protest music in Central America, from Mexico City to Managua, where popular music has become a forum for social commentary and political protest.

Also in:
This video, part of a series of documentaries on conflict resolution in the world’s trouble spots, chronicles the evolution of South Africa from the tragic years of apartheid to the release of Nelson Mandela and the country’s first free elections in 1994, and, finally, to the cautious hopes and efforts today to build a strong democracy.

Examines the Anti-Apartheid Movement at the University of California at Berkeley during 1985-86, which led to similar student protests nationwide.

Also in:
Examines one of the most misunderstood mental illnesses, schizophrenia, and attempts to dispel the widespread misconceptions, fears and myths about it.

Also in:
Hosted and narrated by singer Linda Ronstadt, this entertaining and informative look at ethnic music in America offers a rich sampling of the nation's culturally diverse musical styles, featuring performances of Irish, Greek, African-American, Jewish, Central Asian, Chinese and Puerto Rican music.

Also in:
Chronicles recent changes in Russia, from before the 1991 coup attempt and focusing on life today in post-Soviet Russia.

Subjects: American Studies, Art History, Urban Studies, Media Studies, Architecture >>
From fugitives to gallery artists to darlings of corporate America, SprayMasters profiles four prominent graffiti writers who trace the unique history of graffiti over these past three decades, discussing its meaning, relevance, global reach and impact on art, fashion and advertising.

Also in:
Tells the stories of poor people in Philadelphia who illegally take over or `squat' in abandoned houses in order to get places to live and to change housing policy locally and nationally.

This remarkable, three-part video series thrusts viewers into the front lines of the struggle over abortion rights between members of Operation Rescue, pro-choice demonstrators, clinic staff and patients.

Introduces viewers to the step show, an exciting dance style popular today among black fraternities and sororities. In addition to many rousing, crowd-pleasing performances, the program examines the cultural roots of steppin' in African dancing, military marching and hip-hop music, and discusses its contemporary social significance on college campuses.

This video examines the high-heeled pump and why so many women continue, despite the physical discomfort and damage, to wear these outrageous shoes.

Also in:
This documentary takes a look at another side of the art world, its brilliance sometimes hiding behind ragged edges and everyday innocence.

This poignant and inspiring documentary tells the story of Coopa-Roca, a cooperative of seamstresses in a shantytown in Rio de Janeiro who, in an effort to provide an income for their families, design and manufacture women’s clothing and accessories.

Also in:
This video, produced by the Zimmer Discovery Children’s Museum in Los Angeles, is designed for 4-10 year-olds and aims to promote the history and traditions of different cultures.

Also in:
An emotionally moving account of the issues parents face in coming to terms with having a lesbian or gay child, offering a powerful presentation of parents' struggles with society's traditional homophobia and the misinformation and fear about the so-called "Gay Agenda" cultivated by the Radical Right.

Also in:
Blending archival footage and contemporary interviews, this documentary chronicles the true story of the Chinese invasion and brutal occupation of Tibet, a country where hopes for democracy and religious freedom are routinely punished by imprisonment and torture, a continuing tragedy which the Chinese government bars international human rights groups from investigating.

This documentary examines the human side of Mexico's informal economy, which is estimated to comprise some two-thirds of the country's working population.

This video goes behind the Showgirls mythos to tell the true story of real women who live and work in Las Vegas, the mothers, maids, wives, casino executives and showgirls, who struggle against the sex-object stereotype.

This video documents the struggles of peasants in the Landless Workers Movement (MST) in Brazil, which is engaged in a national political campaign to occupy and cultivate unused land.

Also in:
Examines the reasons for the high number of hysterectomies performed on women every year, the alternatives available, the side effects and after-effects. Includes interviews with doctors, other professionals, and women who have undergone the operation.

Also in: American Studies, Human Sexuality, Media Studies, Anthropology, Psychology >>
A forbidden love story played out in a decade that would soon spawn the sexual revolution, Suitcase of Love and Shame reconstructs a mesmerizing and erotic narrative from 60 hours of reel-to-reel audiotape discovered in a suitcase purchased on eBay. A fascinating, one-of-a-kind documentary, it addresses issues of morality, sexism, privacy vs. exhibitionism, and the impact of technology in yesterday's America as well as today's.

Also in:
The Soviet Union had recently collapsed, food was scarce, but spirits were high. The tiny dirt road town was turned upside down with audiences and media from every corner of the world - and those involved in the production that summer in Ivye were forever changed.

This inspirational video features testimony from a wide variety of rape survivors who explain how their lives were affected by the experience, how they have overcome their previous sense of isolation by discussing their feelings with other women, the emotional healing process they have gone through as well as the emotional burden they still carry.

Also in:
Imagine a nation located between Israel, with its ongoing Palestinian tensions, and Iraq occupied by US forces. High U.S. officials threaten Syria, accusing it of accumulating weapons of mass destruction and having links to terrorists. I

Also in:
Public interest in the secrets and scandals of TV and movie stars fuels the billion dollar a year business of tabloid journalism, one with a weekly readership of over 20,000,000 for 'supermarket tabs' such as The National Enquirer, The Star, and The Globe.

In 1985, Monica Frota, an independent Brazilian filmmaker, collaborated with the Kayapo people of the Brazilian rain forest to develop Mekaron Opoi D'joi (He Who Creates Images), the first Kayapo media project.

Also in:
This provocative documentary, blending interviews with archival footage, examines the nature of shared national identity and what it means to be an American today.

Also in:
"Talking Peace" takes viewers inside the Jewish Palestinian Living Room Dialogue and tells a compelling story of two sides coming together through the simple act of listening.

Also in:
This film tells the story of the unstoppable rise of the skyscrapers. "Tall" pits the struggle for artistic integrity against the demands of fashion and the client's bottom line.

Also in:
This video reveals what the CIA's clandestine action looks like, not from the Washington offices of policy circles but from the ground, where words like 'covert action' are translated into suffering, dislocation and death.

Examines the worldwide crisis in teenage pregnancies through four case studies of teenage mothers in Ghana, England, Cuba, and the U.S., thereby providing a cross-cultural survey of the underlying reasons for the increasing rate of adolescent pregnancies and also discussing the hazards to the health and well-being of such young mothers.

A stark and honest look at the explosion of teen pregnancy in Brazil, this award-winning documentary follows four young girls, ages 13 to 15, through the course of their pregnancies and into the early days of motherhood.

Also in:
Where The Thin Red Line leaves off, The Tears of Peleliu picks up some fifty years later, as it follows five American WWII veterans as they meet their former Japanese adversaries on the bloodiest battlefield in the history of warfare.

Also in:
Examines the debt crisis in Latin America which has left the international economic system in a state of shock and created a volatile political situation threatening fragile democratic governments through-out the continent.

Filmmaker Paul Lee explores the lives of four generations of Chinese women in his family, using their shoes-from the four-inch silk sandals made for his great- grandmother's bound feet during the Ching Dynasty to the Italian leather pumps of his career-minded sister-as a reference point for the cultural and social forces which have shaped their lives.

This video tells the story of a hardworking, self-sufficient, fiercely independent community of fishermen and women working the waters of Virginia's Chesapeake Bay. Guinea Neck, a once isolated village, must now grapple with conservationists, government regulators, and the sports fishing industry in order to preserve its way of life.

Also in:
In contrast to the predominant media image of an oppressed and powerless Haitian populace, this documentary examines the activities of a nationwide peasant movement for social change in Haiti.

Also in:
This highly personal documentary tells the story of three individuals who escaped persecution at home based on their homosexuality to claim refugee status in the United States.

Also in:
Shot in Harlem, this film features young minority men and women speaking frankly about their thoughts, feelings, misconceptions, and fantasies about sex.

An insightful documentary portrait of young black and Hispanic teenagers, primarily girls, growing up in a poor urban neighborhood.

Examines the recuperacion movement among the Indian communities in Colombia where an Indian rebel army is engaged in guerrilla warfare with a Colombian Army counterinsurgency force.

Also in:
This video examines the phenomenon of time capsules, tracing their evolution from ancient times to modern days, and exploring the human impulse to leave messages for the future.

Profiles Sue Ann McKean, one of the most charismatic personalities involved in women's bodybuilding, who sees herself not as an athlete but as an artist.

Set inside an isolated train depot deep, The Train Station is one of Sergei Loznitsa's most haunting films. It is also one of his most pointed social critiques of contemporary Russia.


Also in:
Profiles Katherine Cohen (formerly Bruce Cohen) and her decision to undergo male-to- female sex reassignment surgery. In interviews before the surgery, Cohen discusses her prior life, including a marriage and two children, relations with her family and her lifelong conflicted feelings about her sexuality.

Also in:
This video chronicles an infamous political show trial that took place in Czechoslovakia at the height of the Cold War. In 1952 fourteen leading Communists, including Rudolf Slansky, the second most powerful man in the country, were tried on charges of high treason and espionage.

Examines the West African religious institution of trokosi, where young women are chosen to serve an indefinite period of servitude for crimes committed long ago by their grandparents and even great-grandparents.

Also in:
This video is a shocking but insightful expose of the taboo subject of homosexual rape and homosexual relations in prison.

In the early Sixties, the Brazilian peasant leader, Joao Pedro Teixeira, was assasinated by two gunmen hired by local landowners.

Subjects: Native American Studies, Gay & Lesbian Studies, Anthropology, American Studies >>
An exploration of gender and sexuality in Native American culture, Two Spirits interweaves the story of the life and brutal murder of a Navajo teenager with the largely unknown history of the 'two-spirit' tradition - the acceptance, even celebration, among indigenous cultures of people with both masculine and feminine traits.
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Examines the birth control injection Depo Provera and the international controversy over its use, raising disturbing questions about racism and sexism in health care, population control vs. birth control, and how drugs are tested and marketed.

This portrait of Margaret Randall—activist, poet, writer, teacher and photographer—comes at a particularly appropriate time, as patriotism is being equated in some quarters with keeping silent about important issues.

Also in:
Profiles the Cuban Revolution and Fidel Castro at political middle age. The Cuban leader reflects on his life and Cuba--past, present and future--and declares his continuing faith in communism. In numerous other interviews, including encounters with people on the streets, Cuban citizens voice their pro and con feelings about the revolution and Cuban society.

Under Fire captures powerful first-person accounts by five decorated Soviet women as they describe stepping into a man’s world and fighting amid blood and death.

Also in:
This video is a veritable time capsule featuring interviews with survivors of a generation who lived through one of the most remarkable centuries in human history.

Tells the little-known story of the Justice Department's postwar pursuit and conviction of Japanese-American Iva Toguri for what it deemed treasonous radio broadcasts during WWII.

Also in:
Tells the remarkable story of Peru's Villa El Salvador, one of Latin America's best organized squatter settlements, with 300,000 inhabitants, dozens of schools, markets and recreation areas. Interviews with residents are combined with scenes of daily life in the community.

This documentary follows farmworkers from California's Salinas Valley back to their roots in the fields of rural Mexico, where they recount their everyday struggle to cope in the midst of the globalization of agriculture and the impact of NAFTA.

This video profiles the Los Angeles-based Labor/Community Strategy Center and its grassroots political activism, which includes multiracial community organizing and coalition building, around such issues as environmental racism, corporate injustice, and equitable public transportation.

In Haiti and many African countries today, voodoo is an integral part of daily life. Filmed in the Republic of Benin, this video examines the reality of voodoo as a polytheistic religion, including more than 260 gods, the beliefs of which include ancestral worship and direct dealing with supernatural forces.

Also in:
Tells the story of the Haitian boat people and the reasons for their exile--injustice and political repression, widespread economic stagnation, a lack of educational opportunity, and the absence of free speech.

Subjects: African-American Studies, Media Studies, Urban Studies, American Studies >>
Through a passionate mixture of private videos, uncensored interviews and school-day adventures, the young children of Singleton Charter Middle School, the first school to open in New Orleans after Katrina, have created a revealing portrait of urban youth at the heart of an ongoing American crisis.
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Also in:
This insightful documentary examines the atmosphere of violence in war torn Beirut as seen through the lives of its children and young people.

Also in:
A compilation historical documentary offering a critical look at the development of bombs and other weapons of mass destruction since WWII.

Examines the situation of women coal miners in the U.S., their struggle to be hired, their day-to-day lives in the mines, the economic necessity that first made them seek work as miners, and the opposition they face from their families, the community and their male coworkers.

Also in: American History, American Studies, Architecture, Labor Studies, New York City, Sociology >>
This documentary tells the exciting story of who was involved: hundreds of thousands of ordinary citizens from all walks of life, even children, gave their small earnings to realize Miss Liberty, first in France and then in the U.S. It took 14 years to consummate.

Also in:
Weimar: A Modern Day Renaissance City is a celebration of the small town that has capped its triumphant comeback by being recognized as the Culture city of Europe in 1999. This video looks at Weimar's past and present.

Also in:
Featuring interviews with five young career people who have disabilities, this film questions the general public's attitudes toward physical disability and our perceptions of the disabled as somehow either weaker or more courageous than the non-disabled.

Also in:
Examines the former Yugoslav Republic and newly independent country of Macedonia and its efforts to make the difficult transition from socialism to capitalism and to forge a democratic society in which ethnic minorities share equally in political and economic decision making.

Also in:
Documents the peaceful transition from capitalism to socialism attempted byAllende's Popular Unity Government in Chile in 1970-73, tracing its historical background, developments and impending tragedy.

Also in:
Examines gentrification, a process by which an underdeveloped neighborhood is 'upgraded' by real estate speculation, with higher income individuals moving into and improving existing properties, but also displacing many of the neighborhood's longtime residents.

This ten-part series on nineteenth and twentieth-century American history uses period graphics and innovative computer animation to make history accessible and exciting for high school, college and adult education students.


Also in:
Examines the impact of Islamization on women in Pakistan, revealing the oppression and injustice which has led Pakistani women to the forefront of the political struggle for equal rights.

Don Quixote, Les Misérables, One Hundred Years of Solitude. The practice of reading classic works of literature to workers at Cuban cigar factories dates back to the mid-1800s. With a Stroke of the Chaveta explores this rich tradition and how it's influenced cultural and political thought in Cuba.

Profiles the Workers Party (PT) in Brazil, the largest left-wing political party in the world today, and the most important political opposition to emerge in Brazil since the formal return to democratic rule in 1985.

The Women of Courage is a five part series based on true, untold stories of remarkable and courageous women who served in the Second World War.

The Women of Courage is a five part series based on true, untold stories of remarkable and courageous women who served in the Second World War.


The Women of Courage is a five part series based on true, untold stories of remarkable and courageous women who served in the Second World War.


The Women of Courage is a five part series based on true, untold stories of remarkable and courageous women who served in the Second World War.


The Women of Courage is a five part series based on true, untold stories of remarkable and courageous women who served in the Second World War.


The Women of Courage is a five part series based on true, untold stories of remarkable and courageous women who served in the Second World War.


Profiles a variety of women active in independent-feminist film and video, including production, distribution and education, whose work expresses a variety of political and esthetic viewpoints.

This video shows the involvement of Puerto Rican women in the continuing protest movement against U.S. Navy use of the island of Vieques as a military training site.

This stirring new documentary follows two women's journey as they learn the skills needed for the streets on the dirt roads of East Timor.

Examines the key issues, problems and concerns of the Mexican-American community in the U.S. through interviews with prominent Chicano leaders and activists.

The Young Ancestors explores the growing movement within American Indian communities to revitalize their native languages before they become extinct. An inspiring documentary, it follows a group of teenagers, who as part of a pilot program created by the Indigenous Language Institute, are learning their native language for the first time.

An inside look at the last generation of Vietnamese to remember the horrors of the Vietnam War and the first to hope for an end to the country's isolation by increasing trade and communication with the West.

Employing an imaginative mix of song and dance, narrative, documentary, parody, and a TV game show, this video examines urban crime in America and how the atmosphere of pervasive fear that envelops our cities encourages racial antagonism.

Examines the social and political struggle of South Africa's black community today, when they must deal with the after-effects of decades of apartheid rule.

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