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Afghan Muscles takes us inside the most popular sport in Afghanistan: body building. Suppressed by the Taliban, this thriving spectator sport now attracts thousands of young men across a country ravaged by war and poverty who dream of attaining a better life through muscles.

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Shows how the Black Church has embraced African-American lesbians and gay men as dedicated members of its spiritual family.

An intimate portrait of Chuck Solomon, a mainstay of the San Francisco theatrical community, who was diagnosed with AIDS in 1985.

2008 Academy Award® nominee for Best Documentary Short Subject, La Corona (The Crown) explores the lives of female contestants in an unusual beauty pageant at a high security prison in Bogotá, Colombia. The film addresses issues of female identity, sexuality, crime and equality.

Dear Gabe tells the story of six college friends – five female and one male, queer and straight, black, white and in-between, Jewish and uncertain, biological and adoptive-moms – who had children in their thirties.

When a filmmaker accompanies a celebrated, openly gay poet on one of his many trips to Nepal - where he is revered for his philanthropy and generosity towards young men - she discovers all is not what it seems. A thought-provoking documentary about exploitation, sexual tourism and the developing world.

2008 Academy Award® winner for Best Documentary Short Subject, Freeheld examines the rights accorded to gay partners in today's America. It chronicles the efforts of Lieutenant Laurel Hester, a 25-year police veteran, to secure pension benefits for her partner, Stacie Andree. Freeheld is being adapted into a feature film written by Ron Nyswaner (Philadelphia) and starring Ellen Page (Juno).
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Profiles the life and work of lesbian novelist, essayist, teacher and political activist Jane Rule.

This video series features thirty young men and women, ages 15 to 24, who share their thought-provoking, humorous and sometimes painful reflections on sexuality and growing up.

This documentary about the people embroiled in and affected by the same-sex marriage debate, deftly captures what gets lost in most news reports, the human emotions behind the headlines.

Tells the story of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches, a Christian church with a special outreach to gays and lesbians.

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Psychologists, psychiatrists and gay people speak directly to high school age youngsters and respond to their questions, concerns and fears about homosexuality.

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Male, Female, Man, Woman. This provocative video challenges the rigid conventions that accompany these labels. Introducing us to four very different people who identify themselves as transsexuals, it explores traditional assumptions about gender and what happens when a person's inner sense of identity conflicts with society's expectations.

Subjects: Media Studies, Sociology, American Studies, Photography, African-American >>
An illuminating and entertaining history of the magazine - from Edward Cave's 1731 publication The Gentleman's Magazine to Oprah and beyond - exploring how this powerful medium has influenced our social and political landscape. A three-part documentary series.

Novelist Jane Rule's discussions of the craft and her philosophy of writing are blended with readings from Rule's novels and stories and an interview with Smith College professor Marilyn Schuster, who discusses plot, characterization and other aspects of fiction, moral statements in literature, and issues of freedom of expression and censorship.

Chronicles the lives of the students of the EAGLES Center (student population: 30), an alternative high school in Los Angeles for gay and lesbian teens who, due to persecution, are unable to function in the regular school system.

Executive produced by Steve James (The Interrupters, Life Itself), Lucky is an unforgettable portrait of a young Puerto Rican woman, a single mother, homeless, and struggling to find work, yet still passionately dreaming of true love and success. Filmed over six years, the film powerfully brings to light a myriad of social issues such as the flaws of foster care and social services, systemic poverty, urban blight, homelessness and LGBT discrimination.

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This autobiographical video, in which the filmmaker reveals his homosexuality to his mother, explores the awkward situation of being ‘out’ to friends but closeted to family.

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This video is an unusually revealing portrait of one of the historic figures behind Nelson Mandela’s long struggle for freedom in South Africa.

In this unusual family portrait, filmmaker Mary Patierno focuses on her gay brother, David, recording significant events during the last years of his life.

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Examines the dynamics of the parent-child relationship within several different households where children are being raised by gay and lesbian parents.

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Odd Ones Out documents four years in the courageous lives of three transgender teens, Naomi, David and Tot, as they transition into adulthood and face life-altering events

Why would anyone buy someone else's family photographs? In this surprising look at the world of vintage snapshot collecting, nine obsessive collectors hunt for images/ that feed their fantasies and quiet the voices in their heads.

Seasonale. Depo-Provera. Lybrel. As pharmaceutical companies develop new drugs that allow women to stop their periods for months and years at a time, this film investigates the social, cultural and medical implications of this popular new trend.

What does it mean to be gay and old in America? A Place to Live: The Story of Triangle Square addresses this issue by following the construction and development of the country's first affordable housing facility for LGBT seniors.

Also in: American Studies, Gay & Lesbian, Human Sexuality, Psychology, Family Relations >>
Filmmaker Hali Lee grew up in suburban Kansas City, where she remembers her own high school prom as a drag. In later years, however, she became obsessed with trying to understand the appeal of this quintessentially American tradition--was it the pageantry, the poignant pretensions of teenagers dressing up as ‘adults,’ the myth of prom as a pagan coming-of-age ritual, or the ersatz memories?


An intimate look at the lives of South Africa's black lesbians who were raped because of their sexuality but refuse to become victims. This insightful and moving film shatters all preconceptions of homosexuality in Africa.

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Features interviews with young gay men and lesbians who discuss how homophobic attitudes of, not only fellow students but also their adult teachers, negatively affects their school work.

This documentary profiles Gina ‘Boom Boom’ Guidi and her rise to the top ranks of women’s professional boxing.

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This video profiles four young people at the Hetrick-Martin Institute in New York, which supports lesbian, gay, transgender, and bisexual youth.

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Examines the participation of lesbians and gay men in sports, focusing on the homophobia they confront in mainstream sporting events and their recent efforts to organize gay teams, organizations and events.

Subjects: Gay & Lesbian Studies, American Studies, AIDS, Health, Human Sexuality >>
An electrifying new documentary that revisits the early days of the AIDS epidemic and chronicles the little-known story of the birth of the safe sex movement. Winner of the Documentary Grand Jury Prize at Outfest.

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An emotionally moving account of the issues parents face in coming to terms with having a lesbian or gay child, offering a powerful presentation of parents' struggles with society's traditional homophobia and the misinformation and fear about the so-called "Gay Agenda" cultivated by the Radical Right.

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This highly personal documentary tells the story of three individuals who escaped persecution at home based on their homosexuality to claim refugee status in the United States.

An intimate and beautiful documentary that looks at what it's like to be gay in modern China, from the filmmakers of the Academy Award-winning documentary The Blood of Yingzhou District.
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Profiles Katherine Cohen (formerly Bruce Cohen) and her decision to undergo male-to- female sex reassignment surgery. In interviews before the surgery, Cohen discusses her prior life, including a marriage and two children, relations with her family and her lifelong conflicted feelings about her sexuality.

Subjects: Native American Studies, Gay & Lesbian Studies, Anthropology, American Studies >>
An exploration of gender and sexuality in Native American culture, Two Spirits interweaves the story of the life and brutal murder of a Navajo teenager with the largely unknown history of the 'two-spirit' tradition - the acceptance, even celebration, among indigenous cultures of people with both masculine and feminine traits.
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Joaquim Pinto has been an instrumental figure in Portuguese cinema for over 30 years as a director of his own films or as producer and sound designer for others. In What Now? Remind Me, Pinto, who has been living with HIV for more than 20 years, looks back at his life in cinema, at his friendships and loves, and at the mysteries of art and nature.

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